ERG supports government agencies, businesses, consumers, and other stakeholders in meeting their near- and long-term clean energy objectives. Our energy engineers, analysts, economists, and marketing professionals work with clients to develop, manage, and promote sustainable energy choices. To support sustainability at the organizational level, we deliver green power procurement strategies, assess opportunities for onsite clean generation and energy efficiency, and develop and implement vehicle and building electrification solutions. For example, we help facility managers with energy master planning, feasibility studies, project development, cost/benefit analyses, and measurement and verification. We also track energy use and associated emissions. For clean energy market transformation efforts at the national level, we develop and implement stakeholder engagement strategies, create roadmaps, support clean energy program deployment, develop tools for project and market development, and benchmark and analyze program results. ERG also evaluates the environmental impacts of conventional, renewable, and emerging energy sources—from resource extraction through processing, transportation, generation, transmission, distribution, and end use.

Renewables and Green Power
  • Procurement strategies
  • Market analysis
  • Planning and purchasing
  • Technical feasibility of onsite renewable applications
  • Life cycle assessment of renewables
Market Transformation
  • Clean energy program implementation and support
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Technology transfer
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Energy equity and climate justice
Clean Energy Solutions
  • Vehicle and building electrification
  • Combined heat and power
  • Landfill gas energy systems
  • Biomass-fueled applications
  • Avoided emissions tools and models
  • Total system efficiency evaluations
  • Market analysis

Service Area Leads

Anthony Amato

Companies and institutions are increasingly switching to renewable electricity, and they are doing it in new and creative ways—from community solar gardens to virtual power purchase agreements. At ERG, I’ve had the privilege to work with leaders at the forefront of the ‘green power’ market—helping them explore and formulate their renewable procurement strategies and share their stories and best practices. 

Anthony Amato

Photo of Kevin Carpenter

Most of today’s buildings use considerably more energy than needed (like using a chainsaw to cut butter), so reducing their energy consumption provides a powerful opportunity for addressing our nation’s energy and greenhouse gas emission challenges. With these reductions, renewable technologies such as solar and wind become more economical and the path to net-zero buildings becomes a reality. I am inspired to work with stakeholders—from tenants and operations staff up through top-level management—to help them reduce their operations cost and create environmental benefits through enhanced energy efficiency.

Kevin Carpenter

Photo of John Carter

In my experience, effective climate action requires invested leadership, multidisciplinary expertise to address all sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and equitable stakeholder engagement to guide and successfully implement new policies and strategies. I have had the pleasure of managing several climate action plan projects, guiding both municipalities and universities through the process of developing and implementing their unique plans, and I’m proud of the positive benefits those plans have brought to stem the effects of climate change.

John Carter

Photo of Jonathan Ells

I come from a family devoted to public service, so there’s nowhere I would rather be than on the leading edge of sustainability, helping decision-makers at all levels understand the best available options for reducing their environmental footprint and protecting people and places from the ever-increasing impacts of climate change.

Jonathan Ells

Evan Fago

I view every interaction as an opportunity to learn something new. Through my work at ERG, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of colleagues who share a sense of curiosity and a strong desire to innovate and grow our collective expertise so that we can better serve our clients and make the world more sustainable, equitable, and compassionate.

Evan Fago

Charlie Goff

In the coming decades, the world must decarbonize its energy use to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, while simultaneously investing in measures to make the energy system more resilient to a changing climate. This transition presents many challenges, and how we meet these challenges will greatly impact our world’s economic, environmental, political, and social state. I’m proud to work with ERG’s clients to help facilitate this transition so that we can all live in a safer, more prosperous, and healthy world.

Charlie Goff

Scott Warner

The most rewarding aspect of my career at ERG has been the opportunity to work each day with colleagues and clients who share a commitment to a clean energy future.

Scott Warner

Photo of Ben Young

Both companies and the public sector have to assess environmental tradeoffs in the face of limited resources. LCA is a great tool for assessing those tradeoffs and making choices consistent with values. By generating high-quality public data and LCA tools, we provide the underlying data necessary for effective decision-making.

Ben Young