Photo of Ben Young

Ben Young

Senior Life Cycle Analyst

Both companies and the public sector have to assess environmental tradeoffs in the face of limited resources. LCA is a great tool for assessing those tradeoffs and making choices consistent with values. By generating high-quality public data and LCA tools, we provide the underlying data necessary for effective decision-making.

Ben Young (he/him/his) is a senior life cycle analyst specializing in developing life cycle inventories for energy systems and performing input-output life cycle assessment. He has created custom Excel-based tools to understand LCA results and perform scenario analyses for diverse sectors including petrochemicals, agriculture and biofuels, petroleum systems, and waste. He is also an expert on the openLCA software and has delivered tailored trainings to clients and public webinars. While supporting a number of federal agencies, his work has contributed to the Federal LCA Commons.

Ben earned a B.S. in biology from Davidson College and a Master of Environmental Management from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. In his free time, Ben enjoys skiing and hiking, and cooking with his family.