Digital and Information Solutions

Combining tech savvy, science and policy sophistication, and design execution, ERG’s Digital and Information Solutions Group develops solutions that address some of the most pressing environmental, public health, and worker safety issues facing our society. Our specialists are passionately committed to designing, building, and deploying strategic data-driven applications and digital products that achieve our clients’ goals. We help government agencies, commercial enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and universities access information faster than ever before, unleash the power of data, improve decision-making and knowledge transfer, and educate through web-based training and e-learning. At the organization level, we apply our process analysis, systems thinking, digital-first approach to design scalable, interoperable enterprise systems that support business processes, information flows, reporting, and data analytics.

ERG commitment to accessibility and Section 508 compliance.

Application Development
  • Agile development techniques that promote customer engagement and quickly deliver tangible results
  • Interfaces that deliver immediacy, responsiveness, and accessibility
  • Use of open standard/open source programming for adaptability
  • Cross-device fluidity and compatibility
  • Efficient navigation mechanisms and pathways
  • Balanced use of graphical control elements, text, visuals, and multimedia
  • Adept API implementation for accessing web services and leveraging shareable functionalities
  • Content management system (CMS) implementations and migrations
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Development, training, and deployment of AI/ML to create more intelligent and efficient products and services
  • Application of AI/ML, including generative AI, to solve data challenges and unleash the power of data to enable smarter decision-making, and enhanced business outcomes 
Cloud Solutions
  • Flexible client-tailored solutions to harness the power of scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, including, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Cloud-native approaches that ensure seamless integration, rapid deployment, and efficient resource utilization, leading to increased productivity and reduced operational costs
Data Collection and Management
  • Design and administration of comprehensive surveys to support data-driven decision-making
  • Reliable, secure, user-aware applications for online data submission
  • Intuitive mobile-friendly data collection forms and workflow processing
  • Robust visualization-based tool arrays for tracking, processing, and verifying collected data
  • Integration of collected data into analytics dashboards and field-support applications
Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Creation of visually compelling reports and interactive dashboards to attract and engage users and enhance their understanding of key findings
  • Use of advanced statistical techniques for high-value insights of complex datasets
  • Data roll-ups and granular outputs to support informed decision-making
  • Dynamic data graphing with drill-downs, layers, and export capabilities
  • Snapshot visualizations for monitoring and assessing data quality
Design and Information Architecture
  • Use of human-centered design methods
  • Rapid conceptualization and prototyping
  • Intelligent integration of technologies, platforms, schemas, and DevSecOps
  • Systems architected for performance, security, and interoperability
  • Cross-system interactions programmed to ensure data integrity
  • Database structures designed for high-capacity data integration
Enterprise Research and Strategy
  • Use of Business Process Analysis to create efficiencies and advantages
  • Development of digital transformation strategies and evaluations
  • Development of interactive digital customer engagement solutions
  • Use of equity-centered data standards and infrastructure
  • GIS data conversion, cartographic design, and spatial analysis
  • GIS-based web applications and online maps
  • GIS storymaps and dashboards
  • Metadata management
  • ArcGIS Online configuration and management
  • ArcGIS Server management and service publishing
Online Learning/Training
  • In-house instructional designers, subject experts, narrators, videographers, and illustrators
  • Use of proven instructional design methodologies 
  • Audience-centric content creation driven by measurable learning objectives
  • Integration of text, interactions, graphics, and video
  • Sophisticated balance of course length, onscreen information, and instructional strategies to meet learner needs
  • Use of interactive approaches and technologies (e.g., 360 photography, virtual reality, simulations, video facilitators, conversational versus presentational development)
  • Integration of sequenced knowledge checks to reinforce and assess learner understanding
  • Integration with LMS platform for user tracking and test score capture


Photo of 3 people looking at the computer screen
Green Electronics Benefits Calculator

Global Electronics Council

photo of webpage showing pollution prevention environmental justice facility mapping tool
Targeting Grant Efforts to Communities with Environmental Justice Concerns

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Digital ad photo for Recycle Smart showing a woman thinking about whether a pizza box is recyclable. Use the Recyclopedia to check what you can and can't recycle.
Recycle Smart MA

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Photo of a shower head spraying water
Shower and Household Water-Use Exposure (SHOWER) Model

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Screenshot of EPA's Green Infrastructure Wizard home page showing its "Quick Links" and "Explore" icons
Creating EPA's Green Infrastructure Wizard (GIWiz)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

photo of an offshore wind emission rig
Offshore Wind Emission Estimation Tool

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

EJ and Civil rights in the Permitting Process screenshot
Development of e-Learning Course for EPA Permit Writers and Reviewers

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

screenshot image of training presentation from Environmental Justic and social Determinants of Health
Environmental Health Equity Training

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Screenshot of "How's My Waterway?" application page, highlighting Daily Cyanobacteria Estimates
Development of EPA’s “How’s My Waterway?” Application

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Screenshot of ECHO's Facility Search Results webpage
Supporting EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Screenshot of the EJSCREEN tool, with side-by-side maps of the same place; one highlights proximity and volume, the other highlights percent ratio of income to poverty level under 2.0
Improving EJSCREEN: A Tool for Advancing Environmental Justice

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Photo of children outside a school bus door. Flyer of the EPA Clean School Bus Program
Support to EPA’s Clean School Bus Program

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Photo of diversified team of people around a table in an office setting
Development of a Roadmap for Equity-Centered Data Strategic Planning

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Screenshot of first step of AVERT Web Edition
Development of EPA’s AVoided Emissions and geneRation Tool (AVERT)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Photo of a line of school buses
Full-Spectrum Grant Administration Support for the MassCleanDiesel Program

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Photo of screenshot for Contracts Management Database
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission Management Database

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Photo of 2 construction Inspectors. One is pointing into the distance
Development of EPA Construction Inspection Training Course

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

chart showing global warming potential results per gallon of recycled water delivered
NEWR Calculator

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Large red freight truck driving down a highway
Helping Green Freight Programs Succeed at Home and Abroad

International Council on Clean Transportation, Natural Resources Canada, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Aerial photo of the coast of a Caribbean island
Caribbean Regional Coastal Integrated Information Management System

Pilot Program for Climate Resilience at the University of West Indies, Mona

Scenic fall landscape with grassy field in front sloping down to trees and then a series of mountains going deep into the background with a beautiful sky above
EPA's Report on the Environment

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Two men standing side by side over an office table carefully examine the contents of a document open on the table.
FDA Data Analysis and Search Host (DASH)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

1.5 trillion gallons of water saved since 2006!
Saving Water Through WaterSense

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Covers and/or pages from several EPA "Climate Change Indicators in the United States" publications
Climate Indicators Report

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Screenshot of NOAA's FishWatch website homepage
NOAA FishWatch Website Redesign

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Screenshot of EPA's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Tool webpage showing four dropdown menus and images illustrating relative percentages of GHG emissions by emission type and economic sector
Digital Transformation of EPA's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Homepage of the Northeast Regional Ocean Council's "Ocean Planning in the Northeast" website, as shown on a tablet, mobile phone, desktop, and laptop computer
Ocean Planning in the Northeast

Northeast Regional Ocean Council

Effluent flowing from two discharge pipes into a water body
Creating EPA’s DMR Pollutant Loading Tool

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Sparks fly from a circular saw operated by a worker cutting a rail on a railway
Development of OSHA's Severe Injury Report Capture Tool

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Service Area Leads

Photo of Kurt Cabral

As an instructional design expert, I create trainings that help learners problem-solve, plan, and most importantly, get things done. A well-conceived and well-constructed training provides a foundation for individual growth and serves as a key contributor to organizational change.

Kurt Cabral

Meghan Camp

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed integrating my engineering background and environmental program expertise to design data systems and tools that effectively convey complex environmental information in a way that provides context and meaning to the public.

Meghan Camp

Photo of Craig Cheney

After 30 years of consulting to federal agencies and departments I care passionately about, I have come to appreciate how important new data and application-sharing tools are to achieving environmental and energy goals. I am grateful that, as this stage of my career, I can bring a highly diverse combination of insights, perspectives, and skill sets to help my clients achieve their goals.

Craig Cheney

Brad Cooper

As a dedicated software engineer, I thrive on the myriad of challenges in the IT field, including keeping pace with quickly evolving technologies and processes, assembling the right IT and subject experts for each project, and creating cost-effective solutions that excel in helping clients fulfill their mission.

Brad Cooper

Linda Diamond

My greatest professional satisfaction has been working with tremendously dedicated colleagues and clients to design, develop, and implement technology solutions for some of our most pressing  environmental, health, and safety challenges. 

Linda Diamond

Photo of Daniel Joyner

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences and to travel widely in the United States and internationally. These experiences have enhanced all aspects of my work, enabling me to readily consider and integrate diverse perspectives and effectively convey important information to audiences with widely varying backgrounds and expertise levels.

Daniel Joyner

Photo of Eva Knoth

I find it energizing to develop tools that help users improve their knowledge of environmental data and perform novel analyses, and I am always inspired when I see how these tools help our clients become even more effective at performing their work and solving environmental problems.

Eva Knoth

Photo of Adam Langmaid

I’m passionate about helping people build and use software solutions to collect, manage, and visualize data about public health and the environment.

Adam Langmaid

Photo of Brandin McDonough

We learn near our highest potential when we immerse ourselves outside our comfort zone, get lost, fall down, and persevere until our experience outweighs self-doubt.

Brandin McDonough

Valerie Overton

In today’s world, pioneering innovative solutions requires collaboration between all of us: the people, interested parties, subject experts, information technologists, communicators, and others. I’m proud to be part of an organization that is built around an inclusive approach to progress. ERG empowers us to conceive forward-looking ideas and develop new solutions to meet our present and future needs.

Valerie Overton

Photo of Molly Rodgers

You can build software and tools anywhere and for any reason. I’m proud to lead efforts to build software and tools that enable data-driven analyses and decisions to protect human health and the environment.

Molly Rodgers

photo of Andrew Stoeckle

I love figuring how to take what is often a firehose flow of complex environmental data and make it simpler and easy to understand. And that’s a pretty good metaphor for our team: we are technologically sophisticated, creative, and easy to work with.

Andrew Stoeckle

Hui Zhou

I love the creative process and am passionate about new frontiers in information technology. Working alongside the talented and dedicated professionals at ERG is truly inspiring. What brings me the most satisfaction is delivering innovative solutions to our clients under challenging circumstances.

Hui Zhou