Linda Diamond

Linda Diamond

Vice President

My greatest professional satisfaction has been working with tremendously dedicated colleagues and clients to design, develop, and implement technology solutions for some of our most pressing  environmental, health, and safety challenges. 

Linda Diamond, an ERG vice president, has more than 25 years of practical experience providing IT services and strategic business consulting to environmental, occupational safety and health, public health, and transportation programs. Since founding ERG’s digital and information solutions group in 1989, she has led hundreds of projects to evaluate, modernize, and transform client workflow and technology platforms to better support data collection, decision-making, business process transformation, outreach, and communications. Her work has included development and implementation of scientific applications, national data management systems, workflow and content management systems, and data visualization solutions and applications. 

Balancing strategic vision with practical know-how, Linda leads knowledge capture and innovation sessions with federal, state, and commercial clients to define priorities, discuss options and solutions, and guide development of the technology vision and roadmap for their project. Linda particularly enjoys building, mentoring, and empowering IT and digital project teams to create solutions that provide measurable organizational impact. As ERG’s chief information officer, Linda also leads ERG’s IT strategy efforts, aligning the company’s infrastructure with its business needs. 

Linda holds a B.S. in resource economics from the University of Vermont’s School of Natural Resources, with a concentration in operations research and computer modeling.