Ecological Services

ERG’s Ecosystem Services Team, led by PG Environmental (a division of The ERG Group), develops and evaluates strategies for ecosystem protection and restoration. Our dedicated group of expert ecologists, economists, and scientists assesses ecosystem health, devises indicators to measure ecosystem status and trends, estimates the costs and benefits of ecosystem restoration, evaluates socioeconomic tradeoffs between management approaches, and performs ecosystem services valuations. With a focus on aquatic and coastal ecosystems, our field services include surveys, sampling design, jurisdictional determinations, ecosystem condition assessment, data analysis, and managing laboratory support. Our interdisciplinary team applies efficient and effective approaches that provide clients with a solid scientific foundation to support sustainable ecosystem management strategies, policies, and practices.

Watershed Assessments and Aquatic Surveys
  • EPA National Rivers and Streams Assessment field sampling protocols and measurements
    • Water chemistry
    • Periphyton
    • Benthic macroinvertebrates
    • Stream discharge
    • Physical habitat
    • Fecal indicators (enterococci)
    • Fish assemblage
    • Fish tissue sampling and analysis
  • EPA National Wetlands Condition Assessment field sampling protocols and measurements
    • Water chemistry
    • Botanical surveys
    • Soils analysis
    • Hydrologic indicators
    • Physical habitat
Freshwater Fisheries and Aquatic Biomonitoring Surveys
  • Fish weir design and salmon enumeration studies
  • Fish tracking (radio telemetry and PIT tagging)
  • MesoHABSIM aquatic habitat mapping
  • Baseline aquatic biomonitoring surveys
Field Sampling Design and Execution
  • Methods and SOP development
  • Sampling design
  • Logistical support
  • Pre-survey planning
  • Database development and management
  • ArcGIS mapping and analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Laboratory acquisition and oversight
Wetlands and Jurisdictional Waters
  • Wetland restoration/mitigation
  • Jurisdictional determinations
    • Physical, chemical, biological indicators
    • 100-year floodplain analysis
    • Ordinary high water; bed and bank identification
Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys (Mammals, Fish)
  • USFWS and state permit applications
  • Sampling design
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reporting

Service Area Leads

Photo of Zak Erickson

Starting early in my childhood, my parents took me on frequent adventures exploring our country’s outdoor places, instilling the value of our natural environment in me at a very young age. It was this experience that inspired me to dedicate my professional career to monitoring and protecting these resources.

Zak Erickson

Kort Kirkeby

Much of my childhood was spent outdoors observing, collecting, and understanding the natural world. This early passion led me to study biology, communications, and environmental engineering, and ultimately to integrate them into my career in aquatic ecosystems. I have had great opportunities to work with outstanding people and manage large-scale projects across the U.S.  I am passionate about delivering high-quality work products that meet and exceed expectations.

Kortney Kirkeby

Jennifer Lam

The most rewarding part of my work is being able to help our clients and communities from behind the scenes, reflect on their impact, and find ways to become more effective and accessible in improving community conditions for all.

Jennifer Lam

Photo of Mindi Lundberg

My love for wild places out west started at an early age. Thanks to my father’s passion for exploring old ghost towns and my mother’s love of discovering old gravestones, we frequently ventured to places less traveled, so it was no surprise when I chose a career as an ecologist working to protect the same natural resources in the same part of the U.S. I had grown to love as a child.

Mindi Lundberg

Arleen O'Donnell

I cherish the connection with nature I feel from the strength of the ocean, the run of a river, the serenity of a lake, the intensity of estuaries, and the magic of vernal pools. It’s from this sense of appreciation that I apply my knowledge, experience, and passion to protect and restore the ecological integrity of water resources.

Arleen O'Donnell

Diana Pietri

Designing equitable solutions for sustainable environmental conservation and management efforts is a constantly challenging, rewarding endeavor. I love collaborating closely with our clients to develop strategies that promote environmental and climate resilience and justice—including evaluating environmental program effectiveness and identifying innovative best practices for coastal and ocean planning.

Diana Pietri

Photo of Alex Swain

My passion for protecting the natural world stems from a childhood spent enjoying the outdoor expanses and natural beauty of Colorado. Now, I channel that passion into developing innovative approaches for collecting and analyzing large environmental datasets to help address many of the most pressing environmental challenges we face today. I am incredibly fortunate to collaborate with amazing colleagues and clients in pursuit of creative solutions for monitoring and protecting our environment.

Alex Swain