University Air and Tank Compliance Support

storage tanks

Project Brief

The Challenge

A large private research university in an urban setting needed support maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date compliance with complex air and storage tank regulations. Demonstrating compliance would involve a range of tasks, including ensuring proper air emissions permitting, monitoring, and reporting, as well as managing compliance with regulations for above- and underground storage tanks. The university selected ERG to help them navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, prepare and renew permits, develop data management tools, and ensure the proper operation and maintenance of various equipment and systems.

ERG's Solution

ERG has been providing ongoing support to the university since 2014. Our support involves ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations for above- and underground storage tanks; air emissions from operations and equipment, diesel generators; and more. ERG's services span air permitting, including application development, monitoring, and reporting; development of program documentation, plans, and procedures; and engineering analyses. ERG has supported the university with Clean Air Act Title V renewal permitting, regulatory gap analysis, data management tool creation, Title V reporting, Chapter 2 permit application assistance, and on-call support. For underground storage tanks, ERG provides annual UST registrations, tank operation and maintenance plan preparation, and responsive compliance support. ERG's support has been essential in helping the university maintain safe and compliant operations while addressing emergent needs and regulatory changes in the fields of air quality and storage tank management.


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