Toxics Release Inventory Training for Reporting Facilities

screenshot of "Welcome to Toxics Release Inventory Training, Basic Concepts Webinar" presentation

Project Brief

The Challenge

More than 21,000 industrial facilities are required to submit annual Toxics Release Inventory reports to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that include estimates of release and waste management quantities for over 600 chemicals. Tens of thousands more facilities must assess the TRI requirements annually to determine if they have exceeded a threshold where they would be required to report. In addition, the TRI reporting requirements are modified each year. Reaching the large and diverse TRI audience with timely information so they can understand their reporting obligations is a challenge.

ERG's Solution

ERG delivers online TRI training webinars each year for industrial facilities, offering both basic and advanced sessions. In the Basic Concepts webinar, ERG presents the TRI requirements for facilities that are trying to determine whether they are required to report, and for long-time reporters who attend the sessions every year as a refresher on the requirements. The Advanced Concepts webinar covers more detail on recent reporting changes and on chemicals with unique requirements. Sessions are facilitated by ERG’s TRI trainers, the most knowledgeable TRI training team in the nation. In addition to presenting the material, the trainers answer participant questions throughout the sessions via the webinar Q&A function. At the end of the sessions, participants often thank the presenters for how valuable the webinar was in helping their facility meet their regulatory requirements.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency