Pro Bono Support for an Environmental Justice Community Health Initiative

Community Health Initiative infographic

Project Brief

The Challenge

As part of a series of environment justice initiatives in New Hampshire, the Endowment for Health and Conservation Law Foundation needed outreach support for their campaign to raise awareness about the potential health impacts, particularly on children, of lead in homes in Manchester, New Hampshire. ERG offered to provide support.

ERG's Solution

ERG’s outreach team, including EJ experts, graphic designers, and communication leads, worked with Manchester’s EJ Community Advocate to help specify the key goals and objectives for the lead campaign and determine what type of outreach materials could best support these objectives. Our team then developed a proposed outreach solution describing the target audience, type of materials proposed (flyers), key communication messages, and what community members engaging with the materials would be asked to do. As the next step, we developed a proposed design, including mockups with sample graphics, and a draft of the content. Following the advocate’s approval of the design and content, we developed the draft and final outreach product in a flexible format so it could be tailored for different outreach events. 


Endowment for Health