Keeping EPA Employees Safe and Healthy at Work

Group of EPA employees participating in outdoors synchonized aerobic dance exercises in an urban environment on a sunny day

Project Brief

With one of the lowest on-the-job injury and illness rates in the federal community, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency continually strives to keep its more than 15,000 employees as safe as possible. For 10 years, ERG has supported EPA in maintaining its low incidence of injuries and illnesses through its Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2). ERG collects and analyzes Agency-wide data to determine trends in injury and illness rates and develops and annually updates the Agency’s I2P2 Communications Plan of Action. ERG supports plan implementation by organizing awareness events and developing training, guidance, and outreach materials to educate EPA employees on preventing workplace injuries and illnesses and improving their health and well-being. To help EPA extend this support to safety and health managers across the Agency, ERG maintains an intranet of resources, operates a toll-free hotline and dedicated email address, and updates an online toolkit enabling other EPA offices to easily replicate Headquarters’ events, such as its annual Walk to Wellness (hosted in 32 EPA worksites across the United States in 2015).


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency