Ensuring RCRA Compliance at Industrial and Disposal Facilities

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Project Brief

The Challenge

To ensure compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency needed support for RCRA compliance evaluation inspections. These inspections were needed to ensure that treatment, storage, and disposal facilities; mining and mineral processing operations; chemical manufacturing facilities; oil and gas facilities; petroleum refineries; auto recyclers; and landfill facilities were in compliance with RCRA requirements at locations across the United States.

ERG's Solution

ERG led environmental inspections focused on managing process streams and RCRA wastes (characterization, generation, storage, and offsite transfer). ERG has led sampling and inspection teams for the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance for more than two decades. We have conducted RCRA compliance evaluation inspections of more than 200 facilities. We reviewed existing facility case files as well as facility permits and monitoring data. We developed planning documents for inspections and sampling. ERG meticulously reviewed sampling and analysis plans, quality assurance project plans, and health and safety plans. We evaluated financial data to address the adequacy of current funds for addressing long-term environmental closure costs. Thanks to ERG’s attention to detail, each inspection report was thoroughly reviewed and carefully documented, providing the level of quality required to withstand the technical and legal scrutiny associated with enforcement programs. Through these efforts, ERG has supported many of EPA’s largest and most important RCRA cases and initiatives.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency