Data Element Development for Proposed Tiered Data Reporting Rule

Project Brief

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Tiered Data Reporting rule aims to improve the agency’s data collection strategies and ultimately inform the Toxic Substances Control Act chemical risk evaluation process. To support EPA’s development of this proposed rule, ERG compiled the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Harmonized Templates, Chemical Data Reporting data elements, and other TSCA risk evaluation resources to determine useful data elements for carrying out TSCA chemical risk evaluations. ERG used these references and our TSCA risk evaluation expertise to develop all data elements for reporters that manufacture, import, and/or process a TDR chemical. ERG drafted and tailored lists (e.g., product categories, physical form, chemical function) for certain data elements that require data entry picklists. In addition, we developed a TSCA risk evaluation data needs file to inform which TDR data elements would be helpful to determining different components of TSCA risk evaluations (e.g., Condition of Use, Environmental Release, Worker Exposure). To summarize all data elements and other resources, ERG developed a Technical Support Document which provides background on TDR reporting, data sources, proposed TDR data elements, flow diagram templates for releases/exposures, TSCA risk evaluation data needs, and TDR-related definitions.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency