Air Quality Permitting Support

Petrochemical plant below a blue sky with clouds

Project Brief

The Challenge

Under the Clean Air Act, states, local, and tribal agencies establish and maintain programs to develop operating (Title V) and construction (New Source Review) permits controlling air quality emissions from air pollution sources. To meet this requirement, these agencies must collectively generate tens of thousands of permits a year covering applicable regulations; emission limits; and compliance monitoring, recordkeeping, testing, and reporting requirements.

ERG's Solution

ERG has provided permitting support to state, local, and tribal regulatory agencies for over 15 years. During that time, we have completed over 2,000 successful permitting actions covering virtually all (over 40) industry types ranging from the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metal, energy, electronic, manufacturing, and mining industries to hospitals, landfills, and wastewater treatment plants. For each permit, ERG calculates emissions, determines applicable regulations, drafts the permit and background documents, and responds to industry and public comments. When applicable, ERG also performs control technology analyses including Best Available Control Technology, Reasonably Available Control Technology, or Maximum Achievable Control Technology determinations.


State, Local, and Tribal Permitting Agencies