Development of OSHA's Severe Injury Report Capture Tool

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Project Brief

The Challenge

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration revised a rule to strengthen requirements for employer reporting of severe workplace injury incidents. Anticipating a surge in reporting to its field offices nationwide, OSHA enlisted ERG to rapidly develop an application to capture, assess, and follow up on reported information.

ERG's Solution

ERG immediately assembled an Agile project team and, within three months, deployed an accessible and mobile-friendly application—on-time and on-budget—that critically addressed the needs of field staff receiving the influx of employer incident reporting (8,700 such reports to OSHA in the first nine months).

The OSHA Severe Injury Report Capture Tool provides an easy-to-navigate, intelligent online “intake” form that helps users enter incident details. It establishes a standard approach and central repository for capturing reports of severe incidents nationwide and enables local OSHA managers to review and flag incidents for follow-up interventions. Regional and national OSHA administrators use OSIR’s data summaries and visualizations to track total incidents over time, compare intake counts across regions, and further target particular workplace hazards.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration