Lindy Lowe

Lindy Lowe

Director of Climate and Hazard Resilience

My favorite problems are the difficult ones—those sticky, multi-jurisdictional, multi-sector problems that require us to find new partners, develop new frameworks for working together, and be brave, humble, and kind. I love building frameworks that enable the person with the least amount of power and the person with the most amount of power to share their perspectives and contribute to solutions. Whatever the issue, my goals are to develop transparent, equitable, and effective solutions and to have fun along the way!

Lindy Lowe has over 20 years of experience finding creative and innovative approaches to address complex challenges at all scales of the public sector. Her areas of work have included community design and development, community engagement, multi-sector engagement, wildfire risk reduction, multispecies and watershed planning, regional airport planning, seaports, regional transportation and mobility, climate resilience and adaptation planning, and sustainable development. An expert on climate and hazard resilience, Lindy develops programs that combine data and research, expert and community engagement, and the creation of flexible frameworks (including goals, objectives, metrics, evaluation criteria, and decision-making processes) to consider and integrate the needs of all participants, from the smallest neighborhood to the largest regional service provider. Working with private, nonprofit, and community organizations, she creates programs that are built on a foundation of equity, sustainability, and governance and that have local support, identify funding and financing options, address regulatory requirements, and build partnerships along the way.

For the last 15 years, Lindy has been a climate and hazard resilience leader in the San Francisco Bay Area, working with public and private participants and community members to build equitable, sustainable programs that use criteria to improve project design and metrics to measure effectiveness. In 2011, her team partnered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to create the nationally recognized “Adapting to Rising Tides” program. She also led one of the first Federal Highway Administration vulnerability assessments to test and refine the federal process for transportation infrastructure, as well as many successful stakeholder engagement processes with multi-sector, multi-interest groups.

Lindy studied planning and policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, with a focus on public health, life cycle assessments, public policy, and law. She has a joint master’s and law degree in regional planning and public policy. Lindy’s many interests include hiking with family and friends, running her dogs, art museums, and travelling to places with lots of wildlife. She volunteers at the Berkeley Humane Society, Moms Demand Action, and Oakland Promise.