Lauren Lariviere

Lauren Lariviere

Vice President

Planning a meeting is a bit like flying a plane: When the weather is good, all the instruments are up and running, and everything is going as planned, just about anyone can do it. But when something goes wrong, you really want a trained pilot—someone who thinks outside the box, and problem solves on the fly. Me? I pilot meetings.

Lauren Lariviere, an ERG vice president, has planned more than 300 events on six different continents over her 35-year career as a meeting and event planner (most of that with ERG). As the director of ERG’s conference team since 2008, Lauren has managed every aspect of conference planning for the multi-national Global Methane Initiative and many other voluntary partnership programs. Her extensive experience allows her to address any unforeseen circumstance at meetings so they run seamlessly. She has often proven her ability to oversee a myriad of tasks and never loses sight of the details.

Lauren’s dedication to her clients has consistently won her high acclaim. As the National Board Secretary for the Society of Government Meeting Professionals, she is constantly informed of the latest developments in government meeting regulations. Armed with that knowledge, she ensures that ERG’s clients are always in compliance with the multitude of updated statutes.

Lauren holds a B.A. in German and psychology from Beloit College. Outside ERG, her travels often take her off the beaten path—like a six-week solo camper van trip through New Zealand and Australia, complete with horseback riding across the Snowy Mountains.