Julie Swift

Julie Swift

Vice President

I am proud and honored to work in a laboratory that specializes in reporting the most accurate and precise concentrations of hazardous air pollutants across the United States. Beyond providing high-quality results, I particularly enjoy applying my creativity to continuously improving monitoring methods and the data they provide.

Julie Swift, an ERG vice president, has supported the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Monitoring Programs since 1997 and has managed ERG’s consecutive NMP support contracts since 2003. She brings to this work over three decades of experience in areas ranging from field sample collection, to chromatographic analysis of samples, to all phases of technical support, data interpretation, and reporting. At any given time, Julie also manages 15 to 20 air monitoring contracts with state, local, and/or tribal agencies. 

Julie challenges herself to continually advance her knowledge in the analytical field. She directed development of revised sampling and analytical procedures for hexavalent chromium in ambient air that have been accepted as a standard method by the American Society for Testing and Materials. She also played a key role in developing a technique to analyze canister samples for volatile organic compounds (including ethylene oxide) and speciated nonmethane organic compounds, creating efficiencies within the unique method. At conferences and workshops across the country, Julie has presented many papers about ambient air monitoring improvements developed by ERG and chaired sessions at multiple conferences. 

Julie holds a B.S. in chemistry from North Carolina Central University. She loves spending time with her family (including three huskies), at her church, and exercising, especially running.