Photo of Jonathan Ells

Jonathan Ells

Senior Project Manager

I come from a family devoted to public service, so there’s nowhere I would rather be than on the leading edge of sustainability, helping decision-makers at all levels understand the best available options for reducing their environmental footprint and protecting people and places from the ever-increasing impacts of climate change.

Jonathan Ells joined ERG’s clean transportation team after 20 years with the City of New York, where he served as director of fleet sustainability—a responsibility that spanned 30,000 vehicles and equipment pieces, the largest municipal fleet in the United States. He led the City’s initiative to reduce its vehicle greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent over 10 years (by 2025) and to electrify its fleet by 2040. In his earlier roles with the City, he oversaw vehicle acquisition and disposal, diesel emissions retrofits, and emergency management.

Jonathan specializes in fleet electrification, with experience deploying electric vehicle supply equipment and procuring electric vehicles, including the city’s first electric school buses. He also brings expertise in low-carbon fuels, car share programs, and vehicle telematics. At ERG, Jonathan applies his deep commitment to climate solutions in the transportation sector to help clients prepare for a low-carbon, sustainable transportation future.

Jonathan holds a B.A. in history from Yale and enjoys living in the Hudson Valley with his wife and daughter. In his spare time, he also enjoys running and volunteering with the local fire department.