Photo of Brandin McDonough

Brandin McDonough

Senior Communications Specialist and Instructional Designer

We learn near our highest potential when we immerse ourselves outside our comfort zone, get lost, fall down, and persevere until our experience outweighs self-doubt.

Brandin McDonough is a senior communications specialist and instructional designer with two decades of experience. He manages projects to develop plain language e-learning courses on technical topics, including industry-specific courses for EPA inspectors, National Environmental Policy Act implementation, nutrient management planning, and safe driving. He also develops communications products such as videos, strategy documents, guidance manuals, case studies, infographics, and job aids for a wide variety of audiences. He has facilitated stakeholder work groups for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service, conducted audience analyses, and developed community-based social marketing strategies to communicate weather-based hazards and foster more resilient coastal communities.

Brandin has a B.S. in environmental resource management and an M.P.A from Pennsylvania State University. As an active National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III men’s volleyball coach, he has nurtured athletes who have earned All-American awards, competed at professional levels in Asia, and subsequently launched their own successful coaching careers. When not working or coaching, Brandin enjoys getting lost in the woods and spending time on the water with his family.