Brad Cooper

Brad Cooper

Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager

As a dedicated software engineer, I thrive on the myriad of challenges in the IT field, including keeping pace with quickly evolving technologies and processes, assembling the right IT and subject experts for each project, and creating cost-effective solutions that excel in helping clients fulfill their mission.

Brad Cooper is an ERG senior solution architect with over 24 years of IT experience in all phases of the software development life cycle. He has led, developed, and maintained technology solutions using a variety of software development methodologies, coding languages, commercial and open-source components, and operating architectures. Brad excels at using the latest technology and processes to solve complex customer problems. His expertise includes continuous integration, testing, and deployment techniques and the use of cloud resources for development, testing, and production. His specialties include building data entry systems, geospatial applications, and web services using Agile development methodologies.

Over the last 21 years, Brad has managed IT projects and programs ranging from a few thousand dollars to multiyear/multimillion-dollar contracts. Several applications developed under his leadership have won awards, including the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council Igniting Innovation Award; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Mason Hewitt Award; and the Government Computer News Showcase of Excellence and IT Achievement Awards.

Brad is a Project Management Professional and certified Scrum Master. Outside work, he enjoys microcontroller programming, being outdoors, and staying active by hiking and camping with his family.