Photo of Neil Rapp

Neil Rapp

Senior Engineer

The amount and variety of waste generated across all industries is mindboggling, and its mismanagement has far-reaching consequences for both individuals and our society. I enjoy the challenge of working with EPA and regulated companies to help address environmental issues and ensure that industrial facilities are compliant with hazardous waste regulations. I am proud that this work helps improve the health and safety of our communities and the environment.

Neil Rapp brings a unique combination of private industry and government consulting experience to solving complex environmental problems. He has managed and supported a variety of environmental programs in the mining and primary copper smelting industries. He has also worked extensively as a U.S. Department of Defense contractor conducting removal and remedial actions at Superfund sites, conducting site assessments, preparing environmental plans, and managing environmental projects for U.S. military installations.

As a senior engineer in ERG’s hazardous waste enforcement practice, Neil brings all this experience to the evaluation of hazardous waste management at industrial facilities. His time spent working in private industry has given him considerable insight into the compliance issues faced by industrial facilities, as well as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act regulations that companies often overlook. Neil also has significant experience conducting hazardous materials surveys for asbestos and lead-based paint and conducting asbestos abatement. He is certified as an Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act contractor/supervisor.

Neil holds a B.S. in mining engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and an M.S. in environmental engineering from California State University at Fullerton. He is a licensed professional engineer. Between his son’s soccer games and yard work, Neil does not have much free time, but when he does, he enjoys spending it with his family, traveling, and watching baseball.