ERG’s Chuck Durham Honored with Clean Water Professionals Achievement Award

Chuck Durham Headshot

Chuck Durham, a director of pretreatment services at ERG, was recently recognized with the S. Leary Jones Award. The award celebrates the dedicated service of clean water professionals in Kentucky and Tennessee. Chuck’s 34 years of experience include 12 years serving as the State Pretreatment Coordinator with the Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control and 22 years as a consultant providing technical support to federal, state, municipal, and industrial clients. Much of his career has been focused on the federal pretreatment program, which strives to prohibit or reduce the introduction of pollutants from nondomestic sources to publicly owned treatment works. This reduces the risk of pollutants entering our nation’s waters, increases options for biosolids end-use, and creates opportunity for water reuse.  

Chuck was instrumental in the development of the Pretreatment Certification program for the Clean Water Professionals of Kentucky-Tennessee, and he has served as co-chair of the committee since its inception in 2001. He also serves as an instructor for EPA’s National and Regional Pretreatment Training events and has provided training specific to state regulatory agencies across the country.  

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