ERG Helps County of Sonoma Develop Climate Resilience Strategy

people walking in a valley with a river and hills in the background

ERG recently supported the County of Sonoma, California, in developing its Climate Resilient Lands Strategy. This comprehensive strategy highlights the climate hazards facing the County and presents specific approaches and projects to build climate-resilient lands at landscape, watershed, and ecoregion scales. To develop the strategy, ERG worked with County staff and stakeholder committees to identify methods and priority projects for mitigating climate change impacts and strengthening resilience. Along with findings on vulnerabilities, consequences, and priority adaptation actions, the strategy includes a detailed framework that County agencies and their partners can use to help design and fund resilience projects that benefit tribes, under-resourced communities, small farm owners, and farm workers. The document also highlights recommendations on partnerships and engagement approaches the County and its partners can take to strengthen countywide resilience in the face of climate change.

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