Kort Kirkeby

Kortney Kirkeby

Environmental Scientist

As a child, I spent much of my time outdoors observing, collecting, and understanding the natural world. This early passion led me to study biology, communications, and environmental engineering and ultimately integrate them into my career in aquatic ecosystems. I have had great opportunities to work with outstanding people and manage large-scale projects across the U.S., and I am passionate about delivering high-quality work products that meet and exceed expectations.

Kort Kirkeby’s professional career as an aquatic biologist has involved designing, implementing, and managing a number of aquatic ecosystem assessment projects, from Alaska to Florida. Kort joined PG Environmental (part of the ERG Group) in 2011, where he has served as the technical lead responsible for managing multiple field crews including support for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Aquatic Resource Survey field sampling efforts. He is a member of the American Fisheries Society, Trout Unlimited, and the Society of Wetland Scientists.