John Wilhelmi

John Wilhelmi

Vice President

Clean air, safe workplaces, a stable climate for generations to follow—these are just some of the ideals that motivate my daily work. I strive to bring the best available science to our nation’s current and emerging environmental health and occupational safety issues.

John Wilhelmi, an ERG vice president, has devoted his professional career to evaluating, assessing, and controlling environmental and occupational hazards and risks. The bulk of his career has involved researching outdoor air quality issues—characterizing emission sources, assessing atmospheric fate and transport, designing and implementing ambient monitoring programs, and quantifying exposure and risk. He routinely applies his firm foundation in the chemical and physical sciences to a broad array of challenging and emerging issues. He is firmly committed to understanding and reducing environmental and public health risks among our nation’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.

Mr. Wilhelmi is particularly skilled at communicating scientific concepts, in writing or in person. He clearly and concisely articulates what we know—and what we don’t know—about exposures and risks, and he tailors messages to many audiences, from environmental justice organizations to expert scientific panels.

Mr. Wilhelmi holds chemical engineering degrees from Stanford University (B.S.) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.S.). Outside the office, he leads an active life of travel, hiking, and other outdoor activities.