Photo of Jason Rose

Jason Rose

Senior Environmental Engineer

Until recently, we have too often taken an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” approach to waste disposal and overlooked the connection between surface and ground water, leading to contamination and depletion of both. We have to climb out of this history of environmental exploitation to a path of sustainability. I enjoy all my work to help get us there, including groundwater remediation, reducing sanitary sewer overflows, ensuring proper operation of injection wells, aquifer storage and recovery systems, and design of new water production wells.

Jason Rose is an expert in hydrogeology and water/wastewater engineering. He provides hydrogeologic support—often related to monitoring or remediation of groundwater contamination—to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters and regions. For example, he supports development of groundwater monitoring plans, design of groundwater monitoring well systems, and design of pumping and monitoring wells. He reviews historical groundwater concentrations and elevation data and the associated contour maps. He is a credentialed CWA, SDWA-UIC and RCRA inspector. He also serves as an expert witness for EPA and the U.S. Department of Justice, taking part in consent decree negotiations with cities regarding operation and maintenance of their sanitary sewer systems to avoid sanitary sewer overflows.

Jason holds a B.S. in geo-environmental engineering from Michigan Technological University and an M.S. in environmental sciences and engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He is a licensed professional engineer. Jason enjoys ice hockey, coaching soccer, and doing almost anything with his wife and three kids.