Photo of Alex Swain

Alex Swain

Environmental Scientist and Project Manager

My passion for protecting the natural world stems from a childhood spent enjoying the outdoor expanses and natural beauty of Colorado. Now, I channel that passion into developing innovative approaches for collecting and analyzing large environmental datasets to help address many of the most pressing environmental challenges we face today. I am incredibly fortunate to collaborate with amazing colleagues and clients in pursuit of creative solutions for monitoring and protecting our environment.

Alexander Swain is a lead environmental scientist and project manager with more than seven years of experience managing, analyzing, and creating informative visualizations for large biological and environmental datasets. He is particularly skilled in creating efficient data analysis and visualization solutions tailored to project and client-specific needs. As an experienced Geographic Information Systems analyst, he also designs electronic data capture tools, web-based interactive maps and applications, and model-based workflows for geospatial data analysis. In addition, Alex is a knowledgeable field scientist with extensive experience conducting aquatic and terrestrial surveys, surface water and sediment sampling, and inspections to evaluate compliance with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits across the United States.

Alex received a dual B.S. in ecology and evolutionary biology and environmental studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder before acquiring his M.S. degree in biological sciences from Purdue University. Outside work, he spends most of his free time backpacking and trail running in the Colorado Rocky Mountain backcountry.